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15+ years of experience around the following themes, working with a variety of clients and partners

Conflict & Unrest

Analyzing trends in political violence and monitoring patterns of social unrest, ranging from a global lens, to region-specific and country-specific perspectives · Assessing the dynamics of various conflict actors · Monitoring the role of external factors (e.g. climate, COVID, etc.) on conflict

Risk Analysis

Establishing early warning/early action systems · Developing risk analysis from the macro- to micro-scale, from a global, region-specific, and country-specific perspective

Data Literacy

Developing internal systems to improve integration of data into workflows, and to bolster data-driven analysis and decision making · Assessing available data sources, and improving data collection systems, especially drawing on innovative information systems · Developing and conducting bespoke training resources for teams to collect, work with, and analyze data


Spearheading data collection systems to better understand the complex relationship between gender and political violence · Analyzing conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV); gender-based violence (GBV) outside of conflict; violence against women in politics (VAWIP); political violence targeting women (PVTW); and women, peace, and security (WPS) more largely

US Domestic Extremism

Establishing data-driven initiatives to monitor political violence and protest patterns in the US, with a particular focus on extreme right-wing (XRW) and racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists (REMVE) · Monitoring far-right militias to analyze evolving shifts in activity to inform prevention

International Development

Exploring the complex relationship between international development and violent conflict · Understanding conflict prevention, bolstering resilience, and effective peacebuilding strategies  

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